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$19 Residential Property Assessment Evaluation

$49 Commercial Property Assessment Evaluation,

        incl. Mixed Use, Multi-Family> 5 Residential units

Due Process

You have likely landed at our website because you just received a notice of assessment from Union or Hudson County and are just appalled  by the notable increase in your assessment.  Taxes are a phenomenal problem throughout the U.S. affecting some of the most densely populated regions.  Assurance Legal LLC has had much success in reducing assessments in Cook County Illinois which includes Chicago and the surrounding suburbs, Kane County, Dupage County and Lake County, In Florida we have seen major deviations in values of similarly situated properties  and  have impacted Miami-Dade County in obtaining adjustments in value.  Now its your turn New Jersey.  Your facing the same same horror and are deserving of rescue.  

While there is a presumption as to the correctness of the Assessor's values lodged against your property, we can help you sustain the evidentiary burden of proving your assessment to be unfair and in need of reduction.

How is this accomplished?


1.   First we need you to register on our collaborative platform.  It is not configured as of yet fully integrated portal for NJ taxpayers but we do need you to create a user profile at http:// in order to access your contact information and property address.  

2.  You can then email your notice of assessment to our attorney at From this notice we will gleam necessary current data such as the land, building, total assessment, and your district’s average ratio.

3.  We will then send you an invoice and once you have made payment we will run an evaluation of your property. 

The assessment evaluation will examine the value of your property as of Oct. 1, 2018.  Several analytical modules will be employed. Among them we will apply, the New Jersey formula known as Chapter 123  which was enacted  by the legislature in 1973 to test the fairness of an assessment. 


Once we have established  the true market value of your property, we are required to automatically compare the true market value to the assessment.  If the ratio of the assessment to the true value exceeds the average ratio by 15%, then we will file an appeal of  the assessment in order to seek a reduction to the common level.


However, if it is determined that your assessment falls within this common level range, no appeal will be filed as the Board will not grant adjustment. Likewise, if the assessment to true value ratio falls below the common level, the Tax Board would be  obligated to increase the assessment to the common level and for that reason we would decline pursuing an appeal.

Deadline to file and have all evidence in is April 1, 2019, therefore please consider getting on board with Assurance Legal, LLC by March 25, 2019.

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