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Residential Property Tax Appeals

Why Assurance Legal, LLC. ?

 Our Principal  is a former  Appraiser  &  Professor of Real Estate Finance, has won a significant amount of cases with her unique approach at analytic algorythms.

 Your Home

Assurance Legal provides residential property tax appeal services and consultations for all types of residential property including but not limited to:

  • High End Residential Properties      

  • Waterfront Properties   

  • Single Family Homes

  • Individual Condominiums Units     

  • Town Homes      

  • Multi Family Dwellings 


Your home is your most proud investment. But, are the taxes presenting a burden?  We can help you keep track of your property tax assessment and help you obtain maximum reductions by utilizing the most advanced robust technology which allows us to determine if your property is ripe for a successful appeal. In evaluating whether your property is over-assessed we examine the following :

  • Lack of Uniformity in assessments in your neighborhood.              

  • Uninhabitable  Property Conditions

  • Recent Sale Price.

  • A comprehensive search of your property’s recent market data.

  • Lack of capitalization or ROI for Apartment Buildings.


Property Appeals

Why Assurance Legal, LLC. ?

Residential Appeals done right!​



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