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How To Appeal Over Assessed Property Taxes With the APP- Real Estate Tax Master

In an ideal property tax system, a government-appointed property tax appraiser assesses property and assigns value while taking into consideration many complex variables. When assessments are reviewed by tax analysts and appeal tribunals a the question of fairness of the values assigned by the government appraiser is at issue. One of the clear indicators of value is the real estate fair market value. This is known as the Market Approach to value. Most of the time the conditions and classification of property are not accounted by the government appointed appraisers or sometimes the property's valuation is not in line with the local real estate market. Thus a lack of uniformity in assessments of similar properties is likely. In both scenarios property values assigned by the government's appraiser or assessor result in the property's over-assessment and the owner has to pay increased property taxes. But as a property owner, how can you determine that the taxes you are paying are correctly evaluated? Moreover, how can you maximize property tax relief?

Real Estate Tax Master.COM (RETM), a website portal and an online evaluation tool for property owners in Cook County IL and the State of Florida. RETM is a web application that serves as a resource to better understand the Tax Assessment. It also works as a collaborative platform for lawyer and appraisers in Cook County to take control of the work-flow systems and be better equipped for arranging & filing their appeals.

Assurance Legal, LLC utilizes this application with huge success. In addition to this, it is an interactive appeal portal that enables taxpayers to gain some transparency by knowing various important dates & deadlines and by knowing the necessary evidence required by the law, to file an appeal.

Real Estate Tax Master takes its user through a series of questions that are related to property tax assessment. Once when you have filled the information, it analyzes the data and concludes with a green thumbs-up or red thumbs-down indicator. Green Thumbs Up sign indicates that your property has been over-assessed by the employed tax assessment appraiser, such as the Cook County Assessor's Office or Miami-Dade County Appraiser. Because your taxing authorities rely on the assessor or appraiser to tell them the taxable value of your property, your tax bill maybe in error. Hiring an law firm to help you beat the system that utilizes Real Estate Tax Master, can help lead to MAXIMIZING your property tax relief.

Assurance Legal, LLC loves to use the portal because it also helps to generate, assemble, and prepare an effective appeal through the guidance of the interactive corroborative platform where appraisers and property tax appeal attorneys can also assist you to make your case even stronger. Real Estate Tax Master is meant to support you to maximize your tax assessment reduction and in some cases. It even helps you get back the excessive property tax that you have been overpaying in the period three years (for Cook County, IL for example).

You can register for Real Estate Tax Master directly or Assurance Legal, LLC at the following links.

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