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December 28, 2017

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December 28, 2017

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December 5, 2017


Have you considered buying or purchasing a home for relocation or second residence to occupy in South Florida? Assurance Legal, LLC can serve as a valuable key player in your relocation process. You can place confidence in our firm to:

  • 1. address your needs and interests;

  • 2. craft a plan to target your property of interest ;

  • 3. provide you with Assurances that the title is clear 

    4. minimize, resolve,  and  mitigate disputes with both the Seller of property and your lender;

  • 5. and provide a smooth closing and transition to your new property. 

Some people try to place the onus of their move on their realtor, a relocation specialist, or a local friend. Doing so too often proves to not have been a good decision, due to the inherent conflict of interest that these individuals possess. While very helpful at times, most are sales people and therefore  sometimes their interest supersedes yours or the tasks that you demand of them is just not within the ambit of their expertise, burdensome, and sometimes the your questions or expectations of them are for tasks or subject matters that are not within the scope of their representation. Simply put they are not licensed to provide certain services or advice.

Unfortunately, these are limited resources though they provide some valuable services and play a critical roll in your acquisition. You need to place your confidence in someone who is legally obligated and charged to represent  your interest alone and who can hold all of your confidences in secret- a licensed attorney.  Secondly, you will discover that real estate involves an abundance of legal issues which are not commonly known to lay people, nor other industry professionals. Therefore, do not cheat yourself from security your team leader, a ze