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Cook County Tic-Toc! Property Tax Appeal Deadlines

Do you worry about your financial obligations? Are you aware that if you are a property owner, you can actually do something to reduce what is probably your greatest housing debt- property taxes.

Cook County Illinois is one of few Counties that provides tax payer's with year round opportunities to seek redress and relief from their proposed tax bills. Presently, Assurance Legal, LLC is filing property tax appeals at the Cook County Board of Review for the following open Townships listed below.

If you are interested in reducing your property's assessment, then hire Assurance Legal, LLC in order to maximize your tax relief. Come onto our platform, sign up for a Real Estate Tax Master evaluation, and we will meet you in the cyberspace. Only a few requirements of you: including pictures of the exterior of your property and electronic signatures on Appeal documents.

Lets go, before the clock runs out.! If your property is located in other townships you can pre-register your property and beat all deadlines.

Sign-Up here on our Collaborative Platform for free. A phone consult with Attorney Blanc is free. 708-848-5291. Residential Evaluations are only $19.00. However, the potential for tax savings may be huge! See what we have done for just a handful of taxpayers in this video. We don't like to brag too much, but we do a great job for tax assessment and tax bill reduction!!!

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