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This year the South district is being reassessed by the Cook County Assessor. The South district includes the following townships: River Forest, Riverside, Oak Park, Palos Calumet, Berwyn, Lemont, Lyons, Worth, Stickney, Orland, Cicero, Proviso, Thornton, Bremen, Rich, and Bloom. Reassessment Notices will roll out in the order of this order.

River Forest, Oak Park and Riverside Townships are now open for review. The

deadlines are as follows:

River Forest: 3/19/2020,

Oak Park: 4/7/2020

Riverside: 3/25/2020

When your township opens for review, the Assessor will publish a notice of the reassessment of your property in a local paper and mail same notice to your address. Assurance Legal has recently reviewed evaluations and filed appeals for River Forest for property owners in order to pre-empt a 30% increase in assessments and to correct errors which falsely increased a property's square footage. A Riverside townhome's assessment experienced a 57% hike. Finding that your assessment has increased substantially can leave you feeling financially overwhelmed. Some people panic and hastily decide to sell their most treasured asset, their home. However, tax liability can be easily managed. You can be pro-active and get an evaluation. If you are not already a client you can register at our collaborative platform at Returning clients can log into their accounts and hit step one to for their evaluation or simply email with a request to start evaluation.

The Real Estate Tax Master Evaluation is $25 and this year Attorney Blanc will personally run your evaluation on the platform as some automated processes are currently disabled while the engineers upgrade some features for a more dynamic and robust site.

Paying this small price for an evaluation is well worth it because a successful appeal will produce tax savings for the next three years. As a reminder, your case requires much preparation. It is our office policy to have all cases filed 48 hours before the appeal deadline.

We cannot guarantee a win but we certianly have a good track record of victories.

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